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Muse Research Musings Thanksgiving Edition

Well, its nearly the end of November, which here in the States means stuffing ourselves with turkey as we celebrate Thanksgiving, a particularly fine Holiday insofar as it is non-denominational, all-inclusive, involves lots of eating and drinking with sports and parades on TV. It also serves as the official kickoff to the Holiday season, celebrating the Harvest, community, and pausing to be thankful for all that is good in this life.

And of course, this is also the official kickoff to the holiday shopping frenzy denoted by the "Black Friday" sales all across the nation where retailers open their doors early (assuming they closed them the previous night... sad but true) enticing consumers to start off the season of giving with some, well, buying.

Here at Muse R&D, we're happy and thankful that we have such great customers such as you, and we're thankful that our products are able to empower so many musicians to make great music, whether they play in a local band or perform on world tours. So now that the thankful part is done, we can move straight into the unbridled capitalism part and invoke a little retail mania of our own in the form of:

25% Off All Software Purchases
This Weekend ONLY!

No, that's not a mis-print. Starting Friday the 29th of November at 12:01AM, we are holding a THREE DAY 25%-OFF STOREWIDE SALE of all SOFTWARE on our store. Had your eye on a copy of Lounge Lizard? Looking to rip into some sizzling leads with Predator? Craving some new highly expressive sounds possible with Pianoteq 3? How about getting phat and warm with OPX? Well, there has NEVER been a BETTER time to buy software on than this weekend, when ALL SOFTWARE PURCHASES ARE 25% off.

Simply enter in the coupon code 25OFF in your shopping cart and save a ton of money!

* Terms & Conditions 25% off storewide sale is good ONLY for software purchases made on from Friday 11/26 through Sunday 11/28. Discount is NOT applicable to RECEPTOR 2, PRO, or PRO MAX hardware purchases, the VAX 77 keyboard, Solid State Drives, Extended Warranty or MuseCare customer service packages, or iLok dongle purchases. Offer is only applicable to software that is classified as "commercial" on the plugorama website, and/or is pre-installed or downloadable to your Receptor from the website, and must be available for purchase on the website. Discount does not apply to special order, "direct Installable" or "user installable" software that is not available for purchase on the website. Not valid with any other offers. Void where prohibited. Sales tax will be added on purchases as applicable for California residents. All orders will be reviewed and any orders that do not comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions will not be processed. Offer subject to modification or cancellation at any time without notice.

AES Success for Muse Research

If you came by the AES show in San Francisco chances are you had a chance to check out the RECEPTOR 2 PRO with a Solid State Drive showing how awesomely fast it is to load patches when there are no rotating platters involved. And you probably got a chance to dig the Ethno 2 instrument from MOTU, the first of several MOTU plugins that will be supported in the near future. Then there is the astounding IVORY II plug-in from Synthogy which once again redefines the state-of-the-art in sampled pianos. And of course we had Komplete 7 on display with its humongous and impressive Kontakt library, running in the world's finest hardware host. And if you thought AES was good, just wait till you check out what's going on at NAMM...


With so many Receptors in the field doing their thing, chances are somewhere in the world there is a Receptor thrilling players and delighting audiences every second of the day. Here is what a few of your fellow Receptor owners are up to these days:

Next To Normal Tour makes sane decision with RECEPTOR 2 PRO

Broadway's smash Tony-award and Pulitzer prize-winning musical Next To Normal has been mesmerizing audiences at the Booth Theater on Broadway for nearly two years. The story, about a mother who slow loses her grip on reality after the death of her child, is now heading out on tour, and keyboard programmer Randy Cohen made the only sane decision for piano sounds with a RECEPTOR 2 PRO running Ivory 2. Randy is no stranger to mission-critical keyboard programming, having just finished ramping up the smash hit musical American Idiot. Which, by the way, is also employing RECEPTORs in the pit.

It has been said that "Into every life a little RAIN must fall"

We say: BRING IT ON! RAIN on Broadway, that is!


Broadway's Niel Simon Theater is about a block away from the Ed Sullivan Theater where The Beatles unleashed the most profound change in the history of the music industry with their American debut. Most musicians you speak to will tell you that they all owe a little something to the Beatles, whether it was to inspire them to pick up an instrument in the first place or to set an example of hard work and dedication to their craft.

Mark Beyer
Mark Beyer, Keyboardist with RAIN

Joey Curatolo
Joey Curatolo, sitting behind his piano...

Joey Curatolo
...which in fact has a RECEPTOR in it!

What finer way to pay tribute to the legacy of the Beatles than by performing their music with amazing attention to detail and total respect for their works. And there is no finer example of this than in RAIN, the Beatles Tribute show that is currently playing the Neil Simon Theater on Broadway, right around the corner from where it all happened so many years ago.

This show is certainly different than The Beatles' appearance on the Sullivan show, with elaborate staging, several costume changes, and a little help from RECEPTOR 2. Make that a lot of help, as the keyboard parts for the entire show are done on three Receptors, first off-stage, then on stage, played by Mark Beyer.

Mark explains "The main reason we chose to go with RECEPOR was the ruggedness, since we are constantly on tour around the country, the amazing reliability night after night, and the incredible sound that comes from the pristine converters. The fact that it is rack mountable is critical to us, not only for touring but for mounting in the stage piano, which is played by Joey Curatolo for such important songs such as Let It Be"

Receptors play a critical part not only for piano sounds but also serving as the samplers that bring to life the complex productions of the Beatles music. Using Kontakt as the primary sampler, Mark choose to use the Dan Dean's Bluthner Piano library, as well as the Dan Dean Solo Strings library for tunes like Yesterday.

But authenticity was the key for the RAIN crew, so when they couldn't find the right Mellotron sounds for tracks like Strawberry Fields and I am the Walrus, they went out and sampled their own, including creating their own string quartet sample library for Eleanor Rigby.

The show is performed 100% live with no backing tracks or other trickery, which prompts us to say, "A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All". Better yet, if you can't make it to the Big Apple to see RAIN on Broadway, they continue to tour around the country, so by all means when they swing through your town, be sure to check them out. For more information on the show, visit

Frank Martin conquers India... Receptor in tow!

Uber-talented Frank Martin, who has worked with the likes of Narada Michael Walden, Carlos Santana, Sting, Randy Brecker, Patti Austin and dozens more. And Frank's musical breadth knows virtually no bounds, whether it's playing live, recording, or teaching at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Jazz school. So it's no surprise that Frank jumped at the chance to tour India with an all-star band of cutting edge musicians including Itai Disaeli on Bass, Trilok Gurty on Percussion, Lili Haydn on Violin, Nishat Khan on Sitar, and the astounding Larry Corryell on Guitar.

Frank Martin

Frank needed an arsenal of sounds that could provide the foundation for these six maestros to create their unit sound. And for that he brought along his Receptor 2 Pro, running Ivory, Omnisphere, and a whole cadre of other virtual instruments. Commenting on how Receptor held up on his tour, Mr Martin said "I gotta tell you RECEPTOR ROCKED! I couldn't be happier!". Well we could, Frank: We want to hear the CD of the live recordings you made!

Until next time...
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