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Muse Research Musings June 2010

RECEPTOR Rob Papen Bundle

RECEPTOR 2 and Rob Papen software bundleRob Papen's virtual synthesizers define the cutting edge of contemporary music production: powerful instruments and plug-ins that bring together innovative design, uncompromising sound quality, and musical, production-grade presets to make your tracks shine. And now you can get your Rob Papen plug-in library pre-installed on the ideal platform that is powerful, stable, and just plain sounds amazing: the Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 Hardware Plug-in Player. A $2849 value, get the RECEPTOR 2 and Rob Papen software bundle for only $1999!

This bundle includes:

  • Predator: a "phat sounding" killer synthesizer.
  • SubBoomBass: a dedicated bass synth filled with excessive amounts of low end ammunition.
  • BLUE: this synth delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis is one creative combination! It's "Crossfusion synthesis!"
  • RG: a brand new “virtual Rhythm Guitar” groove plug-in.
  • RP-Verb: a stunning, musical reverb that brings unmatched dimension and fullness to your mixes. spot-on presets that range from intimate venues to abstract, surreal spaces.

RECEPTOR GForce Bundle

RECEPTOR GForce BundleThe RECEPTOR 2 with GForce Bundle consists of the RECEPTOR 2 Hardware Plug-in Player with all the virtual synths from GForce Software, pre-installed and ready to go all for just $1999! If you already own a RECEPTOR you can get the GForce Bundle for just $499!

The GForce Bundle includes:

  • Oddity: modeled on the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer.
  • impOSCar: a menagerie of synthesis: subtractive, additive, monophonic, duophonic, polyphonic, and much more!
  • Minimonsta:Melohman: it's the Minimoog on steroids and with plenty of attitude.
  • VSM: an intuitive but highly powerful Virtual String Machine.
  • M-Tron Pro: a remarkable emulation of the classic Mellotron®, the unique tape playback keyboard.


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New UK and European Distribution!

Muse Research & Development is pleased to announce new UK and European distribution partners. MediaPros / Academia Ltd. has taken over distribution duties from Computer Warehouse in the UK. In addition, Amptec is now distributing the RECEPTOR in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Based in London, MediaPros specialises in supplying Professional Audio & Video equipment to the Broadcast, Film & TV Post-Production, Multimedia and Music Recording industries. MediaPros is staffed 100% by people who have the skills and commitment to recommend product to and support professionals.

Based in Belgium, Amptec is one of the few Benelux companies that, since its foundation in 1990, has focused on both the installation and service of professional audio equipment aside from selling these products.

RECEPTOR Pro Tools video

Check out this informative video about how the RECEPTOR easily works hand in hand with your Pro Tools system using UniWire. It's the first in our series of RECEPTOR 2 in use videos that address challenges musicians face every day! View it here.

Receptor Video Series

Key Code Media hosts a New Learning Series Exclusively for Film and Television Composers and Producers

On Wednesday, June 30 from 7pm - 9pm Santa Monica-base Key Code Media will present "Workflow Solutions for the Big Picture," an evening of networking, cocktails, appetizers and demonstrations from partners showcasing the latest software and hardware solutions for improving media workflow. Scott Ray will demonstrate the Muse Research Receptor, including orchestral and soundscape solutions for film and television, sonic implant libraries, low latency and offline independent audio processing. To register or find out more, go here.

Artist News

Crosby, Stills & Nash

Tom Ranier, Dancing with the Stars

Crosby, Stills & Nash
Crosby, Stills & Nash are on tour this summer playing their hits, plus a variety of classic songs by other artists that fit their style to a T. Enhancing their famous vocal harmonies are Todd Caldwell on organ and James Raymond on keyboards. Michael Klvana, keyboard tech, sound designer and recording engineer for the tour, set up their rigs with a variety of virtual instruments run on several Muse Research RECEPTORS. IK Multimedia Total Work Station 2, Native Instruments Komplete, Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Ivory are just some of the many VST instruments that perform flawlessly on their RECEPTORS during every CSN performance.

Tom Ranier, Dancing with
the Stars

It's Dancing with the Stars, the award-winning competition show that captures thousands of viewers. Celebrities perform a new routine with their pro partners, and every week they compete for the ultimate confirmation of their dancing prowess… the Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy. There's drama, there's grace, there's humility, and there's great music. The live 17-piece band performs every show, and these top musicians prepare multiple pieces each week. Seated behind the keys every show is Tom Ranier. And fueling his rig is the Muse Research RECEPTOR. Tom shares, “I'd just like to say that the Muse Receptor is an integral part of my synth setup on Dancing with the Stars... I use it constantly and the enormous variety of sounds and the ease at getting to them is indispensable given the wide range of styles of music we play. It's a wonderful instrument – I love it!”

Muse's Muse
British eclectic rockers Muse are taking advantage of the RECEPTOR on their current world tour in support of their most recent release, The Resistance. With multiple RECEPTORs to power their various keyboard rigs, Muse's programmer and tech Des Broadbery is able to run an assortment of virtual instruments and effects during the band's amazingly layered and rapidly switching live sets.  Some signature parts of the bands live sound come from Rob Papen's Predator, Modartt's Pianoteq, and Nomad Factory's Blue Tubes bundle. We were backstage before the Oakland concert and caught Des in his natural habitat. A great time is had by anyone lucky enough to check out this tour.

Peas and Keys open World Cup with RECEPTOR
Thousands rocked as both Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keys performed for the FIFA World Cup opening concert. The two headlining bands relied on the RECEPTOR to power their sound during the show!
As the hit TV show Lost drew to a series close, RECEPTOR was there to back a fun and off the cuff tribute to the show during the Jimmy Kimmel Live episode that appeared the same evening. Jeff Babko, keyboardist for JKL and a longtime RECEPTOR user, wrote a very insightful article about this fond farewell. Check it out here:
Black Eyed Peas Black Eyed Peas

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