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Muse Research Musings February 2010

Muse Research and Development jams at NAMM with major announcements!

Muse Research and Development was in full force at NAMM with a major announcement of our new MuseBox partnership with Peavey Electronics (more on that later), and a bunch of new virtual instruments running on RECEPTOR 2 including Spectrasonics Trilian and Omnisphere, Native Instruments KOMPLETE 6, a collection of Big Fish Audio libraries, the impressive PROJECT SAM sample library collection, as well as Camel Audio Alchemy, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 1.5, FXpansion BFD2, and Toontrack Superior 2 drum libraries. We also showed the current state of PLAY from EastWest, confirming our commitment to support their engine and release it soon pending a few more performance tweaks. We also did a sneak peek of the forthcoming Smart Snap Shots feature that extends the already-impressive capabilities of SnapShot banks.

There was also a RECEPTOR 2 PRO sporting a super-fast SSD drive that loads sample-based virtual instruments in a flash (look ma... no moving parts!) and a RECEPTOR 2 PRO being used with a wimpy MacBook running Pro Tools with a full MIDI orchestration running in real time using UniWire.

BIG NEWS: Muse Research and Peavey join forces

Peavey and Muse ResearchOn the opening day of the NAMM show, Peavey and Muse R&D held a press conference to announce their partnership in product development and manufacturing. This exclusive partnership brings together Peavey's 45 years of innovative product development and extensive global distribution network and manufacturing capabilities with Muse Research and Development's ground-breaking software technology-based product designs. The first product of this collaboration is the new uniquely flexible MuseBox Musical Instrument and Effects Box.

Hartley Peavey, founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics Corporation commented on the partnership by saying "We are very excited to establish this relationship with Muse Research and Development. Peavey is heavily invested in the future of virtual instrumentation, and products like our award-winning ReValver modeling software are leading the way. With the RECEPTOR, Muse Research created an entirely new paradigm for musicians. The new MuseBox is the next big step. We look forward to breaking lots of new ground together."

Hartley Peavey and Chris Halaby

Hartley Peavey and Chris Halaby (CEO Muse Research & Development)
launch MuseBox at NAMM 2010

Muse R&D Shows MuseBox, The Flexible Musical Instrument and Effects Box


Coming this summer, the new, portable, flexible MuseBox Musical Instrument and Effects Box is the first product produced by the Peavey and Muse Research partnership. The MuseBox's compact 2U half-rack design is ultimately portable, incredibly versatile, and built for the road. But best of all, the MuseBox is a true musical instrument that sounds great and is super easy to use.


MuseBox utilizes technology derived from the RECEPTOR and features incredibly flexible pro-grade I/O featuring front-panel guitar and microphone inputs, line level inputs and outputs, MIDI in, and four USB ports. Plus you'll get pre-loaded ready-to-use virtual instruments and effects, and more. Be sure to visit to keep abreast of this incredibly exciting development!




Looking for a new source of inspiration? Want to breath incredible new life into your existing array of synths? Let CAMEL AUDIO take you over the inspirational hump with this special limited time offer.


If you aren't familiar with Cameleon 5000, you really need to check out this amazing synth. Pads, ethereal leads, and remarkable textures await you with this impressive additive synthesizer. And for $125, you get hundreds and hundreds of presets ready to inspire you musically. But wait, there's more! If you buy before February 28th, you'll get your choice of CAMEL SPACE or CAMEL PHAT for FREE! That's an $85 value, and we guarantee you'll love what you hear. In fact, Camel Space is one of Bryan Lanser's "secret weapons" in using Receptor... take a run of the mill synth and turn it into something SCINTILLATING by simply running through Camel Space, or take a flabby bass sound and make it swing by running it through Camel Phat. Guitars sound great through either of these as well!


Stars Come Out for NAMM

The Muse Research booth was the place to see and be seen as a ton of notables came by to try out the latest and greatest or just to say hi. Here are a few snaps of our distinguished guests...

Toad Saulnier Nick Milo and Brett Tuggle
All American Reject Keyboardist
Toad Saulnier
Nick Milo (Joe Cocker) (left)
Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac)(right)
Chris Ryan, Tom and Joel Savell Kevin Bryson and Jay Oliver
Chris Ryan, Tom and Joel Savell
put on the jam
Kevin Bryson and
Jay Oliver
Alan Steinberger, David Rosenthal, Bryan Lanser, Matt Christiano and Korel Tunador (unknown), Nick Smith, Lenny White and Stanley Clarke
Alan Steinberger (session player)
David Rosenthal (Billy Joel)
Bryan Lanser (Muse Research)
Matt Christiano (Muse Research)
Korel Tunador (Goo Goo Dolls)
(unknown), Nick Smith,
Lenny White and Stanley Clarke


RecepTOURThree Friends re-create the music of an industry Giant!
Members of '70s prog-rock band Gentle Giant make up the core of the band Three Friends. Needing to re-create music originally orchestrated using rooms full of keyboards, keyboardists John Donaldson and Kerry Minnear found RECEPTOR 2 to be nothing short of a compact, power-packed miracle. They share, "The money saved in chiropractic and osteopathy bills is worth the price of admission alone. With just about every 'prog' sound known to man contained within this magic box we remain in a state of shock and disbelief. The RECEPTOR is without doubt an invention par excellence and we would like to buy the inventor(s) a very large drink!"

Find out more at or

Three Friends

Three Friends and Two Receptors... John Donaldson on left, Kerry Minnear on right

Pop sensation MIKA's Cherisse Ofosu-Osei slams home the groove with Receptor
Cherisse Ofosu-Osei is as gentle and charming a person as you are likely to meet. But stick her behind a set of drums and she becomes a badass groove monster that powers the rhythm section of pop sensation MIKA, who is enjoying massive success around the world.

Cherisse fell in love with drumming at the age of eleven, and now at the ripe young age of 20, she's touring the globe with Mika and performing on TV shows like "Jay Leno," "Good Morning America," and "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!" With her all the way is her Muse Research RECEPTOR. As she says, "I love my RECEPTOR – it sounds amazing and the possibilities are endless. I use it for all my live sampling, as it is so fast, reliable, and has never let me down."

Cherisse MIKA
Cherisse with her trusty Receptor MIKA (in white) with his band

Apparently the love of Receptor is contagious, as keyboardist David Whitmey is picking up a RECEPTOR 2 PRO for use in their upcoming world tour starting this spring!

Muse Research / Yamaha hold clinic in the UK at Computer Warehouse Pro

Muse Research and Yamaha recently partnered for a clinic in London at the impressive CW[Pro] studios near Wembley. Yamaha debuted its Tenori-on product while Muse Research's VP Bryan Lanser demonstrated the RECEPTOR 2 PRO. After a thorough overview, legendary keyboardist Jason Rebello, who plays for Sting and Jeff Beck, showed the impressive live performance capabilities of RECEPTOR 2 showing Ivory, Omnisphere, Ultra Analog, Lounge Lizard, Camel Space, and Absynth 4 all running at once.

Martin Roberts, Bryan Lanser and Jason Rebello

Left: Martin Roberts from CW[Pro], Bryan Lanser from Muse Research,
and keyboardist Jason Rebello

CW[Pro] Clinic attendees

CW[Pro] Clinic attendees.
Test your powers of observation: Can you pick out the music theater programmers / arrangers / composers David Shrubsole and Gaetan Shurrer in the picture? Can you find KVRaudio's Ben Turl, Paul Wix (MD for Paul McCartney) and James Hallawell from
David Grey in this picture??

Until next time...
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